Refresh Your Garbage Disposal

Sodium Bicarbonate, a.k.a Baking Soda, is AWESOME! It deodorizes, it cleans, and it keeps you healthy. I take it internally every once in a while when my stomach is upset. I also use it to clean and deodorize my house. I love this stuff because it is so versatile and inexpensive.

Here is another awesome DIY project that uses Baking Soda to clean and deodorize your Garbage Disposal!

Garbage Disposals, by nature, collect garbage. And garbage has a tendency to stink. So doesn’t it make sense to clean it every once in a while?

Try this simple recipe to clean and deodorize your Garbage Disposal.


  • 1 Cup Salt
  • 2 Cups Baking Soda
  • 1/3 Cup Liquid Castile Soap
  • 1/2 Cup Water
  • 25-30 Drops Lemon Essential Oil (Found Here)


  1. Mix together the dry ingredients (Baking Soda and Salt) together in a bowl.
  2. Then add the Castile Soap and Essential Oils.
  3. After that you’ll need to add the water a little at a time until itย  is the consistency of a damp sand.
  4. Mold together small balls with roughly a Tablespoon of the mixture and set them on parchment paper to dry for about a day.

To Use: Simply add 2 or 3 of them into your Garbage Disposal and turn it on for a few seconds.

Show us your results! Take a picture of your Homemade Garbage Disposal Refreshing Balls and Post them on Instagram with @idiynetwork tagged!


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