Lemon Essential Oil

I recently started using Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils because I’m trying to be more healthy. I decided after my last doctors visit that my health is in my hands. Sure my doctor can fix me, but I don’t want to get sick in the first place. So I started researching ways to be more healthy.

Of course Diet and Exercise are the best way to be healthy. But with work and kids who has the time? Sometimes just getting dinner on the table is a challenge not to mention a healthy dinner. So it’s usually fast, greasy food that the kids will eat.

Living this lifestyle is not good for your health obviously. My gut hurt all the time, my waste disposal system was constantly running slow, and I was tired all the time.

A friend of mine suggested Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. I wasn’t sure about the whole holistic hippy  health idea but was getting tired of feeling like crap all the time. So I became a member and have been using a couple of drops of the Lemon oil in a glass of water first thing in the morning before eating anything. Then I drink the same mixture periodically throughout the day. My waste disposal system started functioning more normally which helped me feel better and have more energy throughout the day.

Of course I am still trying to eat better and exercise.  But with more energy it’s easier to get out and get some exercise. So my health has improved drastically.

From what I understand Lemon is a natural and gentle detoxify-er and it helps lower your PH levels. This leads to better digestion and keeping your system flowing naturally.

Now I am not a doctor and I can not say that lemon oil will cure or prevent disease, but I can share my experience and what I believe has helped me become more healthy.

So if you want to give it a try, first make sure the lemon oil you use is Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (meaning you can ingest it) and try 2 or 3 drops in you water. Don’t exceed more than 20 drops in a 24 hour period. Then let me know your experience. I want to hear if it worked for you as well as it did for me.

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