Easy DIY Wool Dryer Balls

Dryer sheets are not that expensive and they smell nice, however they are made with chemicals, and chemicals are not good for our bodies.  Those nice smelling chemicals can enter in to our system and cause irritation to our sensory and pulmonary system. Fortunately the iDIY Network has a Natural Solution, 100% wool dryer balls. The best part is you can add your favorite Essential Oils (Found Here) to refresh your clothes and  leave them smelling just the way you want them.

What You Need:

  • 100% Wool Yarn
  • Pantyhose (Preferably used recyclable pantyhose)
  • Your Favorite Essential Oil (Found Here)


Take your wool yarn and wrap it tightly in to about a 2 inch round ball. When you have your two inch ball, cut the yarn from the rest of the spool, and tuck the loose end in to the ball to secure it.

DIY Wool Dryer Balls

Do this until you have at least 4 wool balls.






Then put one of the balls at a time in to your recycled pantyhose, tying a knot in between each ball..

DIY Wool Dryer Balls







Once you have all of your wool balls in the pantyhose, run the string of balls through a wash cycle on the hottest water setting possible. Then run them through the dryer to thoroughly dry them. This is called “Felting” which basically fuses the wool ball together.

DIY Wool Dryer Balls


Remove the wool balls from the pantyhose and there you have your 100% Natural Wool Dryer Balls ready to use.






To Use:

After washing your clothes, add 2 or 3 drops of your favorite essential oils to each dryer ball and add them to your dryer when drying your clothes. Note that each application of essential oils will last a good 2 or 3 loads.

To help remove static from your clothes, add a crumbled up ball of aluminum foil in with your dryer balls to your drying cycle.

Your wool dryer balls should last you for years and make great gifts for your friends and loved ones when combined with a bottle of your favorite Essential Oil.

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