Easy DIY Playdough

Keeping your kids happy and busy during the summertime can be a challenge. I get the “I’m BOOORED!” a lot during the summer from my kids, which really drives me nuts. Help me clean the house, build something, whatever just don’t complain to me that your bored kiddos.

So I found this easy to make recipe for some DIY playdough that my kids love. It really has only TWO ingredients and takes like 5 minutes start to finish. Then the kids have a project to play with and stay busy, and best of all leave me alone for a while so I can get my chores done!

So here’s the recipe, are you ready for this?

DIY PlaydoughIngredients:

  1. Cornstarch (2 Parts)
  2. Hair Conditioner (1 Part)

You can add a third ingredient (Essential Oils) if you want to make it smell better or for antibacterial properties, but that’s up to you. The basic recipe only has those two ingredients.


Just mix the Hair Conditioner with the Cornstarch to make a dough like substance. Store in an airtight container. Wow, that was easy.

Show us your playdough creations! Take a picture of them and post them on Instagram with @idiynetwork tagged!

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