Easy DIY Lip Balm

Everyone like soft sexy lips, we like to have them, we like to kiss them. But how do we get them??? First, make sure you are well hydrated. Dry lips are sure sign of dehydration. Next,  apply high quality lip balm regularly. Luckily for you we have a recipe for some Easy, Do it Yourself, Natural Lip Balm that will leave your lips soft and very, very kissable.

DIY Lip Balm

What you need:

  • Organic Coconut Oil
  • Organic Beeswax
  • Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (Found Here)


Melt two parts Coconut Oil and one part Beeswax. Once your mixture is fully melted, add Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (Found Here) to your own taste. I like Peppermint and Grapefruit. Be careful which ones you use, some Essential Oils will cause your lips to burn more easily in the sun (Lemon EO for instance).

While the mixture is still warm and liquefied, fill in to small seal-able containers and let cool completely with the lid off. Once completely cool put the lid on the container and store until ready to use.

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