DIY Toilet Spray Deodorizer

Once I told my son during potty training that everyone poops! It’s true, it’s a fact of life. another fact of life is that poo stinks, some worse than others, but it all stinks.

You can light a match, or spray air freshener after the fact to be nice to those that follow you in to the bathroom, or you can make your own DIY Toilet Spray Deodorizer that you spray in the toilet Before You Go!  It’s inexpensive, easy to make, and the best part is THAT IT WORKS!

DIY Toilet Spray

What you need:

Glass Spray Bottle

1 Cup Water (tap water is just fine)

1 tablespoon Witch Hazel, Rubbing Alcohol, or Vodka (your choice, I use Witch Hazel)

5 to 10 drops of your favorite Essential Oil or combination of Essential Oils

Normally I would say to use only Certified Therapeutic Grade  Essential Oils (Found Here) but let’s face it, it’s just going in the toilet and down the drain. So the cheap stuff will work as long as it smells nice.



Combine all the ingredients together in a glass bowl, stir well, and then pour in to you glass spray bottle.

To Use:

Prior to each use shake the bottle well. Then just Spray-N-Go! In other words just spray it in the toilet before you go #2. I label mine Spray-N-Go and set it on the back of the toilet or out of reach of children.

It works by putting a “protective” layer of good smell on top of the toilet water to keep the bad smell from rising up and stinking up the place.

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