DIY Natural Spray Cleaner

Harsh chemical cleaners are not only bad for you and your family, but bad for the environment as well. Making your own all purpose cleaner is easy, safe for you and your family, and environmentally friendly.
You will Need:

1 – 16 oz Glass Spray Bottle (essential oils can eat through plastic)

1/4 cup White Vinegar or Vodka

1 3/4 cups Purified Water (tap water can have chlorine or other chemicals)

25 to 30 drops of Essential Oils (Found Here)

You can blend oils to your liking but our favorites are Lavender, Lemon, Grapefruit, Wild Orange, and Peppermint.  doTerra’s OnGuard is also very good and provides additional cleaning benefits as does Lemon and Wild Orange.

Instructions: Simply add all the ingredients to your Glass Bottle and Shake thoroughly.

DIY Spray Cleaner

To Use: Spray on the area you need to clean and wipe off. It’s that easy!

Caution: Test on a small area of the surface you are cleaning first to ensure it doesn’t react with that surface. As stated previously Essential Oils can react to plastic or other surfaces so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

One Comment

  • Cheyenne

    02/25/2016 at 10:12 PM

    Those over the counter wipes always leave a film. Sure they clean but they leave that film and I always have to wipe it off so it looks clean. I made this and used it few times and I LOVE IT! It doesn’t leave that nasty film on everything. Plus it smell so nice. I used the vodka which worked really well.


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