DIY Mosquito Repelling Hacks

Mosquitoes suck! Literally! Plus after they suck your blood they leave you itchy with red bumps. And then there is the possibility of disease that comes with mosquito bites. It makes sense that when you’re in the outdoors that you should do all you can do to keep those pesky bugs away from you and your family. And it’s always better to use natural solutions that won’t harm you or your family.

So we’ve come up with these mosquito repelling hacks to help protect you and your family from annoying and possibly dangerous mosquito bites.
Mosquito Hack

  1.  Make your own Mosquito Repellent (Click Here for Directions).
  2. Burn Dry Coffee Grounds. The smoke and smell of burning coffee grounds keep mosquitoes running for the hills.
  3. Burn dried Rosemary on your BBQ Grill. Again, mosquitoes don’t like the smoke or the smell of burning Rosemary.
  4. They also don’t like the smell of burning Sage. So you can substitute Rosemary or Coffee Grounds for Sage.
  5. Dryer Sheets! The chemicals in Dryer Sheets repel mosquitoes so put a few of them in your pockets. Also, I should point out that if mosquitoes don’t like the chemicals in Dryer Sheets then maybe you shouldn’t either. Try these Dryer Balls for your own laundry to replace Dryer Sheets.
  6.  Eat Garlic! Garlic will change your body odor slightly and make it so mosquitoes won’t want anything to do with you. This does however take some prior planning.

So there you have it! Six easy, all natural, hacks to keep mosquitoes at bay.

We want to see your success! Take a picture of your mosquito hack and post it to Instagram with @idiynetwork tagged for a chance to be featured!


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