DIY Ice Pack for Sports Injuries

DIY Ice Pack

Ice packs are relatively inexpensive and work well, but they filled with who knows what chemicals and sometimes you just don’t have them when you need them. Well here is an easy to make, do it yourself flexible ice pack for sports injuries, headaches, etc. It’s made from products you probably already have in your home.

You’ll need:

  • 2 parts tap water
  • 1 part rubbing alcohol
  • Seal-able plastic bags
  • Food Coloring (Optional)


Mix tap water, rubbing alcohol, and a few drops of food coloring (if desired) in to a seal-able plastic bag and put in the freezer for at least one hour. That’s it, simple huh?

The food coloring is optional but recommended so you don’t mistake your concoction for regular ice. You don’t want to drink rubbing alcohol, it’s not for human consumption.  I also recommend double bagging the ice pack to avoid leaks.

To use:

Wrap the ice pack in cloth and apply to the injury as needed. Don’t put directly on skin as it could cause frostbite.

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